The VYGER TITAN certainly lives up to its mighty name. With a dual core 32 bit microprocessor, heavy duty chassis, 2 stage air filtration, fully linear power supply and an advance algorithm, the VYGER TITAN truly is a world first.

The project took over 2 years to bring into reality. The core goals were to produce air as close to laminar as possible, whilst reducing the demand on the pump and reducing heat produced by running the pump.

And so the VYGER TITAN was born.


  • 32 BIT Dual Core MCU
  • High Spec Linear Power Supply (LOW ESR) 
  • SMART capable
  • Sophisticated Sensor Matrix
  • Advance Learning Algorithm
  • High Density Air Flow
  • Advanced Cooling
  • 0.8 Bar to 1.3 Bar Output
  • OLED Display
  • Intuitive UX/UI
  • Intensive System Check on start up