Vyger is pleased to present its first speaker. Its name “AMARGOSA” derives from a star.

The Amargosa project took many years of study and development and, like the other VYGER realizations, here too nothing was left to chance. The design of Amargosa also required the intervention of specialists and engineers in the world-renowned field.

In Armagosa’s design, we carefully tried to have a temporal coherence of the system and an excellent response to the impulse. The transients reproduced by Amargosa are of very high quality. The reproduction of each nuance, micro details, and macro dynamics are simply realistic.

The system consists of a tweeter, 2 midranges, 1 mid bass and a subwoofer. The drivers are built on tight tolerances in Denmark, on Vyger specifications. Their realization required many prototypes.

For the low frequency system, a 4th order system has been created, which guarantees an excellent extension and speed of low frequencies with reduced distortion and an excellent transient response. Moreover, the woofer does not use the crossover but has been linearized and filtered mechanically, favoring amplification to have total control of the moving coil. A passive woofer is employed here instead of the classic conduit, also favoring the filtering of the system optimally. A dedicated mid-bass completes the low range part by interfacing best in terms of phase and response.

The medium-high range, with temporal coherence, here is made with two dedicated midranges and a beryllium tweeter developed and made by Vyger in Germany. In order to get the temporal coherence of the system, a wave guide has been made for the tweeter that has been the subject of complex studies and experiments allowing the tweeter to physically retreat and temporally align the midrange signal. The dynamics reproduced, even at high listening volumes, is free of significant distortions, due to the temporal consistency. Besides, the localization of the transients in the sound scene and the high naturalness of the same, is realistically reproduced. The image recreated in three-dimensional space is of rare refinement.

The construction of Amargosa’s cabinet has been designed and manufactured with materials optimized to have maximum rigidity and structural damping. The front is made of a single resin and talc casting with thicknesses of 30 mm with MDF sandwiches and inert material with strong damping. The separate chambers for each driver are made of resin casting and with optimized geometry to the control of the standing waves and not communicating with the rest of the cabinet thus having the result of instrumental analysis such as the record breaking waterfull with excellent decay times. In addition, Amargosa’s shape, studied with calculation process on the propagation of sound waves, facilitates the disappearance of the cabinet from the three-dimensional space of the sound scene.

Vyger, once again creates an innovative product, with unparalleled quality and performance with amazing sound results. The aesthetic result of Amargosa is impressive and the result of a delicate and miraculous balance between aesthetic an rationality.


Amargosa, therefore, represents a masterpiece of engineering and aesthetic taste, developed by a group of experts and fans of reproduced music as faithfully as possible.


Technical features:

Subwoofers: 1 x 12 inches ( 30 cm) 4°Th order   without crossover

Midrange; 2 x 6 inches  (13 cm) closed box

Midbass: 1 x 8 inches  (20 cm) closed box

Tweeter: 1 x 1.26 inches  (32 mm) double chamber treatment dome.

Sensitivity: 90 dB (one watt @2.83 Volt one meter a @ 1kHz)

Power Rating Peak power for 10 mS: 1000 watts

Relative Phase Variation Versus Frequency: less that ±28 deg  70Hz-17.5KHz

Pulse Coherency Factor Propagation time error @ 3.2 metri (129.92 inches ) on tweeter axis: Less than  45 µS.

Harmonic Distortion: 0.28 % THD

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms / minimum 2.6 ohms @ 225 Hz

Recommended Amplifier Power Minimum RMS per channel: 50 watts high current

Frequency Response: 29 Hz—32.000   ± 3dB /f3

Input Terminals Gold plated and accepts banana, spade or cable connection

Bi-Wiring included

Overall Dimensions:

Height—6.14 inches (156 cm)

Width—1.57 inches (40 cm)

Depth—3.14 inches (80 cm)

231.4 lbs each (105 kg) (one speaker)


Amargosa is available in a choice of any color shade, with automotive paints.

Of the highest quality, for example Glasurith. Customized finishes are also available on request.