Vyger has created a new line of turntables that offer exceptional quality for their price and utilize new technology for their mechanical parts. The often conflicting claims of aesthetics and rationality are here reconciled in a miraculous, state-of-the-art equilibrium.

The BALTIC M with magnetic suspension comes fiitted with the SME 312S tonearm.

It is available in four highly attractive colours – blue, anthracite, red and silver – applied using a special spray painting process, which highlight the mechanical geometry of the turntable to produce an aesthetically superb, futuristic object.

Summary Of The Constructional Principles
  • Mechanical Parts In Aeronautical Aluminium
  • Computer-optimised Resonance Geometry
  • Ultra-precise Mandrel With Three Points Of Contact
  • Low-resonance Magnetic Suspension
  • Armboard Optimised For Each Model
  • Brushless, Digitally-controlled Motor
  • Electronic 33-45 Rpm Selector
  • Mirror-finish Acrylic Mat Bonded To The Platter
  • Spindle In Finely-machined Tempered Steel
  • Rotation Geometry With Three Points Of Contact